Everyone has experiences and thoughts that have the power to help others live better with T1D. Writing allows us to do just that while also offering an outlet to express ourselves and reinforce what we have learned. Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and empowering the T1D community. We look forward to reading your submissions! 


1. Find your voice and write your article. There is no word requirement. Some topic ideas include (but are certainly not limited to): 

Balancing T1D with your favorite sports or hobbies, "daily steps" (i.e. the small changes we make to improve our care), healthy living with T1D, recipes and carb counts, perspective pieces, observations about living with T1D, upcoming events (i.e. celebrating World Diabetes Day) or events you have attended (i.e. JDRF One Walk), poems, art, songs...anything creative! 

2. Choose 1-2 pictures that complement your article.

3. Provide a short bio that includes your: name, age, hometown, age at diagnosis, accomplishments, and maybe a fun fact or two. You may also provide a photo of yourself with links to any social media sites (we want people to know what you're about!). 

4. Send your article, photos, and bio to: everystepcounts.submissions@gmail.com


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor (yet). Neither are most people writing the articles featured on the blog. Articles are meant to promote healthy living with T1D and share what has been helpful in one's personal care. Before making changes to your T1D care, it is always best to consult a doctor or certified diabetes educator.