American Diabetes Association

The ADA’s online store that offers books, meal planning tools, and accessories for people with diabetes.


CalorieKing Food Search

Contains nutritional information for over 70,000 foods and 260 restaurants.


Diabetes Pilot

Tracks blood sugars, medications, exercise, and nutritional information via an integrated database. Graphics help to find trends while reports can be shared with care team.


Diabetes 360

Bolus dose calculator based on individual insulin:carb ratios, correction factors, starting blood sugars, and carbohydrates. Linked to carbohydrate database from the USDA. Reports can be shared with care team.



Blood sugar and insulin pump data recorded manually or by synced app, nutritional information via an integrated database, logs for exercise that can link with fitness devices, and lifestyle notes to help find trends. Reports can be shared with care team.


Glucose Buddy

Logs for blood sugars, insulin, food, and activity. Includes reminders for cues to remember management tasks. Visual reports to help find trends.



Insulin pen that links with smartphone to calculate bolus doses and track insulin action. Can program reminders into the app and share reports of insulin doses, carbohydrates, and blood sugars with care team.



Bolus dose calculator, integration with fitness data, and logs for blood sugars and carbohydrates. Live data and report sharing with members of care team. Tools for mindfulness about unexpected highs and lows to help prevent them in the future.



Tracks exercise and nutrition while connecting users to a larger community of people who are also making efforts to be mindful of their lifestyle choices. Also great for accurate carb counting.



Bolus dose calculator, synced or entered blood sugars, and visual reports. The mySugr scanner app allows users to scan blood sugars without syncing or cords.


Road ID

Customizable medical IDs that are easy to wear and great for an active lifestyle.



Cap over insulin pen that helps confirm dose amounts and how long ago doses were administered.