Leading the warmup at the 2017 JDRF One Walk in Washington, D.C. 

Leading the warmup at the 2017 JDRF One Walk in Washington, D.C. 

American Diabetes Association

The ADA’s blog featuring personal stories and the latest advocacy news.


Children with Diabetes

Conferences, online forums, and resources for youth and young adults with T1D as well as their parents and guardians. 


College Diabetes Network

Information to help young adults balance T1D with college and professional careers. Provides opportunities for connection through local events and college chapters.


Diabetes Camping Association

Helps locate camps nationwide for people with diabetes to participate as campers or volunteers.


Beyond Type 1

An online community for people with T1D that offers information, news, and personal stories as well as programs for advocacy and connection such as a snail mail club and team that bikes across the country.

Beyond Type 1’s outlet for people with T1D to talk about anything and everything T1D–mental and emotional wellness, food, treatments, diabetes technology, advocacy, and more.


International Diabetes Federation

Information about the global impact of diabetes and opportunities for international connection and advocacy.

Aids people who lack access to diabetes supplies such as those in low or middle-income countries and those who are victims of natural disasters.


JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

In-person and online resources for connection with others who have T1D and their families. Advocacy events offered nationally.

JDRF’s site to connect people with T1D through conversations, events, support teams, and tool kits for people with new diagnoses. 


Jewish Diabetes Association

Connects Jewish people with T1D and discusses strategies that accommodate T1D care while maintaining Jewish customs. 



Partnered with the T1D Exchange to connect people with T1D while also offering opportunities to contribute our perspectives on the challenges of life with T1D and strategies we can use to improve our care. 


Students with Diabetes

Connects young adults with T1D on college campuses and within communities. Offers conferences, competitive internships, opportunities for advocacy, and resources to start new chapters.