ADA Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes by Francine Kaufman

A book written for medical professionals that explains the latest recommendations and gives a good idea of what doctors look for in managing our care. Updated every few years based on research outcomes.


Diabetic Athlete's Handbook: Your Guide to Peak Performance by Sheri Colberg

Breaks down the science of what happens physiologically during different types of exercise and offers guidance on finding strategies that work best for specific activities. Dr. Colberg makes complex concepts easy to understand.


Pumping Insulin by John Walsh

John Walsh has used insulin pumps himself for over 30 years and combines his own experience with training as a Diabetes Clinical Specialist to offer a useful guide to effectively use insulin pumps. Used by both patients and physicians.


Think Like a Pancreas and Until There Is a Cure by Gary Scheiner

Gary Scheiner is a CDE who has T1D himself. His writing is relatable and funny while including well-rounded information about anything and everything T1D management. His books were among the first I read for continued education in college!


Publications (websites also feature many articles and resources):

A Sweet Life

Articles on anything from nutritious recipes to the latest T1D public health research and everything in between.


 Diabetes Forecast (published by the ADA)

The ADA’s publication that includes healthy recipes, technology reviews, research, advocacy initiatives, and inspiring stories of people with T1D.  


Diabetes Health

Articles on T1D care, community, healthy lifestyle, psychology, and celebrities with T1D as well as free apps for on-the-go learning.


Diabetes Self-Management (published by Rapaport Publishing)

Articles on diabetes management, recipes, and healthy lifestyle as well as additional resources for continued education.



American Diabetes Association

Database of local educational programs recognized by the ADA. Also offers free online learning programs.


Children with Diabetes

In-person conferences and online learning materials, including care suggestions backed by T1D research.


Integrated Diabetes Services

Website includes resources for checking insulin dosing, log templates, and newsletters for a summary of the latest diabetes updates.


JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

A comprehensive list of resources and research initiatives. Especially useful starting point for recently diagnosed people with T1D and their families.


Jewish Diabetes Association

Information on resources and research for everyone with T1D, but especially for those who balance management with Jewish customs.



Educational materials on everything from handling low blood sugars to starting a regular exercise routine. Great resources for those who are recently diagnosed. Also offers free in-person events.

Entries by patients and health professionals about advocacy initiatives, research, and treatments as well as interviews and guest posts from T1D celebrities.

Education on the essential tools for managing T1D and a comprehensive list of resources for further learning and involvement in the T1D community.

Columns on news, research, and advice as well as resources to help people with diabetes get the most from their therapies and lifestyle choices. Especially great for those who are recently diagnosed.

Articles on lifestyle tips as well as the newest research and treatments in T1D. Articles also offered in Spanish.

A wide range of free courses to sharpen management skills designed by CDEs.