Inspiration Among Us

Cheer on Scholarship Finalist, Brandon, As He Competes in the USA Gymnastics Championships!

Cheer on Scholarship Finalist, Brandon, As He Competes in the USA Gymnastics Championships!

Some people's talent you can't help but fangirl over...Beyoncé, Tom Brady, Ellen Degeneres...and scholarship finalist, Brandon Krzynefski. Watch the video (right) and you will immediately see why. He's incredible. In fact, he is a 7-time national power tumbling champion and a World Team bronze medalist. WOW. 

Scholarship Finalist Spotlight: Lorena Bergstrom

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes close to her 4th birthday, Lorena Bergstrom is a bright (above 4.0 GPA bright), talented (plays multiple instruments very well), and honest representative of the T1D community. As an incoming student at the University of California, Berkeley, Lorena writes articles for her local JDRF chapter and holds an interest in biotechnology. Along with her incredible achievements, Lorena stood out for her willingness to try new things in her care...something that can be difficult for someone who has had T1D for 50 days or 50 years. Here are some of Lorena's insights from her Every Step Counts Scholarship application. Thank you, Lorena, and congratulations! 

T1D Initiatives to Follow: Miles of Portraits

T1D Initiatives to Follow: Miles of Portraits

With all the negative news headlines that inundate our day-to-day lives (think iPhone notifications, newspapers, radio, TV...the works), it's easy to forget the goodness of humanity. At this point, you may be laughing. Understandable. But it's out there. Really. Everywhere we go. 

Inspiration to the T1D community and friend of the ESC Scholarship Program, Annalisa van den Bergh, has found this to be especially true on her thousand-mile bike journeys across America. She has the stories and friendships to prove it. Now, she's sharing it with others. 

Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Aidan Fernandez

Diagnosed with T1D at the age of 13, Aidan Fernandez is about as well rounded as they come. Now 18, Aidan is graduating from Duncan U. Fletcher High School with above a 4.0 GPA. While maintaining his grades, he has lead the varsity baseball team, served as a counselor at the American Diabetes Association’s Camp JADA, coached youth sports, tutored students in math, and worked at the YMCA. Oh, did we mention he’s bilingual? 

In short, Aidan is a force. He is an invaluable representative of the type 1 community and will undoubtedly add a great deal to the University of Florida, where he aspires to major in biomedical engineering...and one day become a pediatric endocrinologist. 

Here, we share some of Aidan’s insights from his Every Step Counts Application. Congratulations, Aidan! 

Chris Snider: Tidepool by Day, "Just Talking" Podcast by Night

Chris Snider: Tidepool by Day, "Just Talking" Podcast by Night

Tidepool is a powerful data collection and analysis tool. One that will change the way individuals with diabetes can integrate data and contribute that data to change the way we live with diabetes in the future. Exciting stuff. 

I found out about Tidepool from Chris Snider at the JDRF TypeOneNation Research Summit-- he was representing Tidepool while I speaking on balancing sports and T1D management. Not only is Chris the Community Manager for Tidepool, but he also has T1D himself and hosts a podcast: Just Talking. I even got the opportunity to sit down with Chris and talk about med school, The Marathon We Live, running the Boston Marathon, and cheering for the Washington Capitals.

Here, Chris shares Tidepool's mission, uses, and future directions.

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients and Finalists!

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients and Finalists!

The Every Step Counts Scholarship Team is excited to congratulate our 2018-2019 recipients and finalists: 

Aidan Fernandez, University of Florida

Lauren Brewer, Lipscomb University and University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Mark Perkowski, University of Illinois at Chicago

Brandon Krzynetski, George Mason University

Lauren Bogle, Roosevelt University’s Chicago College for the Performing Arts

Lorena Bergstrom, Incoming Undergraduate