T1D Initiatives to Follow: Miles of Portraits


With all the negative news headlines that inundate our day-to-day lives (think iPhone notifications, newspapers, radio, TV...the works), it's easy to forget the goodness of humanity. At this point, you may be laughing. Understandable. But it's out there. Really. Everywhere we go. 

Inspiration to the T1D community and friend of the ESC Scholarship Program, Annalisa van den Bergh, has found this to be especially true on her thousand-mile bike journeys across America. She has the stories and friendships to prove it. Now, she's sharing it with others. 

Her new initiative, Miles of Portraits, celebrates unity by documenting the stories of strangers she meets in her travels. Ones that touch the heart and broaden the perspectives of those (most of us) who can feel trapped in a never-ending parade of negative headlines.

Annalisa started this project on a 4,000 mile bike ride from Yorktown, VA to Seattle, WA and will continue as she and fellow T1D athlete, Erik Douds, travel 1,000 miles through Alaska this July. Their journey will be documented along the way via Instagram, and be formed into a film and online magazine. 

Annalisa and Erik's adventures can be followed via milesofportraits.com and Instagram: @milesofportriats

Contributions to this initiative can be made by using the hashtag, #milesofportraits, and through their Kickstarter page, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1567547110/miles-of-portraits-a-magazine-and-film.

Safe travels, Annalisa and Erik! We can't wait to see who you meet along the way.